Most of us associate identity theft with large-scale cyberattacks and data breaches. Yet as we move to a “new normal,” our increased reliance on mobile phones and social media leaves us more vulnerable than ever. Identity Theft can quite literally be life threatening: in 2019, over a third of data breaches were of healthcare information.1

Identity Protection can give you peace of mind, and can save you hours and months of follow-up should your information be compromised. We are proud to partner with MyIDCare, a proven, trusted, identity protection solution that uniquely provides protection from both financial and medical identity risks.

1 “2019 End of Year Data Breach Report,” Identity Theft Resource Center, January 2020

How does it work?
MyIDCare helps prevent identity theft by monitoring your credit and cyber activity and sending you alerts for validation. If fraud does occur, identity theft experts will work closely with you to restore your identity. Services are backed by a 100% Recovery Guarantee and $1 million insurance to cover any eligible losses.

What services are included?
MyIDCare’s service offers monitoring, alerts, and protective services against nine types of identity theft. It also covers reimbursement of eligible expenses up to $1 million. Should your identity be compromised, a dedicated recovery specialist will work with you every step of the way until your identity is restored to pre-fraud condition.

What makes MyIDCare different?
MyIDCare is the most comprehensive identity solution available. MyIDCare scans extensive data sources to detect suspicious activity related to your identity. In addition to credit and dark web monitoring typically performed by other ID protection companies, MyIDCare also monitors your health identity. If you do become a victim of identity theft, you’ll receive white glove care from an expert who will be your dedicated advocate.


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Trusted by 25 million individuals, MyIDCare offers complete identity protection, safeguarding the privacy of your personal, financial, and health information. MyIDCare is backed by the professionals who provide world-class identity protection and breach response to Fortune 500 companies and US government institutions. MyIDCare has a 100% success rate in restoring the victims of identity theft back to pre-theft status.

What is identity theft?

Identity theft is a crime that occurs when your personal identifying information is used without your consent. Criminals have found ways to use a person’s name, Social Security number, address, date of birth, credit card, medical insurance account, bank account and bank information, driver’s license, and phone number for their own personal gain.

Why should I care if someone steals my identity?

If your information is stolen, you could be held financially responsible for what the thief buys, charges or does with your information. This can potentially damage your credit rating, result in bills and account collections, or even denial of medical services if your medical insurance is affected. The results of identity theft can range from troublesome to catastrophic.

What does MyIDCare monitor?

MyIDCare monitors activity for nine types of identity theft:

1. Child: A child’s personal identity is a blank canvas for criminal activity – theft of their identity is unexpected and therefore often goes unnoticed. Applying for a job or college loan may be the first instance in which this is uncovered.

2. Criminal: A stolen identity is extremely valuable to criminals because it allows them to operate under the radar of law enforcement. They can rent space, buy guns, travel, and commit fraud in your name without raising any red flags, and it all goes on your record.

3. Driver’s License: Criminals can either steal a driver license and modify the photo, or they can use stolen personal information to forge a driver license. If someone has an accident or commits a crime and gives a driver license with your name, you could lose your license or face prosecution

4. Medical: Identity thieves can sell or make fraudulent claims against your health insurance policy. They can rack up charges in your name, jeopardize your eligibility for coverage, or update your medical record with incorrect information, which can have life-threatening consequences.

5. Financial: bank account numbers, credit cards, or personally identifying information can be used to wipe out your accounts, take out loans, or get new credit cards. This is the most common form of identity theft.

6. Insurance: Thieves can use your personal information to make fraudulent claims and file for benefits or reimbursement from insurance companies. This could impact your deductible or even insurance eligibility in the future.

7. Social security: Your Social Security number is one of the most highly targeted pieces of personal information and widely used to prove your identity. This information can be used to initiate many other types of identity theft.

8. Employment: Identity thieves may gain employment with your information to gain a paycheck, pass a background check they may not otherwise pass, or for insider access to a company’s assets to commit a crime.

9. Synthetic: In this type of fraud, identity thieves steal different pieces of personal information from several individuals and put them together to create one seemingly complete person on paper.

How much does it cost?

Available plans

• Individuals: $8.49/month
• Families: $16.95/month

Why should I trust MyIDCare?

With over 14 years of experience protecting identities, MyIDCare is built on the core value of ensuring the privacy of your personal, financial, and health information. MyIDCare was built by an experienced team of privacy advocates at ID Experts, the leader in identity theft protection services and response. They employ leading encryption and security technologies to ensure every interaction a member has with MyIDCare is secure. All sensitive and personal information is encrypted utilizing the 256 bit AES algorithm. The U.S.-based team of identity protection experts and recovery advocates undergo extensive training and are FCRA certified, to ensure that the customer experience is second to none. MyIDCare has a 100% recovery rate for restoring the victims of identity theft back to pre-theft status.

In addition to monitoring, what other services are included?

Lost Wallet Protection: Specialists will help cancel or replace missing contents.

$1 Million MyIDCare Insurance: Up to $1 million of reimbursement insurance for eligibile, out-of-pocket expenses, including stolen funds.

100% Recovery Guarantee: If identity theft occurs, your identity will be recovered to pre-theft status or you get your money back.

White Glove Service: No question is too small. A team of trained experts is ready to provide answers and reassurance when you need it.

How is MyIDCare credit monitoring different from what my credit card already does?

Your credit card provider uses algorithms to determine if charges on your card could be an indication of a stolen card or card number, for instance, large purchases, transactions in another city or country or a quick succession of purchases. Notifications from your credit card can help to avoid card fraud on your existing accounts.

What your credit card provider can’t identify is actual identity theft, in which a criminal would use your personal information to open new accounts in your name. Credit monitoring uses credit bureau data to detect changes to your credit file, such as address changes, name changes or new accounts. Identity thieves go to great lengths to cover their tracks so they can use a stolen identity for as long as possible before detection. For instance, opening accounts in your name and social security number but at a new address helps to avoid discovery. This is where credit monitoring can help detect fraud in a way your credit card provider cannot.

MyIDCare offers the following monitoring technology and alert notifications:

  • Single–Bureau Credit monitoring
  • Social Security number trace
  • Payday loans monitoring
  • CyberScanTM monitoring
  • Change in address
  • Alerts by email
  • Health ID monitoring
  • Court records monitoring