Long Term Disability insurance (LTD) provides coverage in the event one is too sick or injured to work.  It’s essentially insurance for lost income, and can be used for anything from mortgage and utility payments to child care and college tuition.

Alum LTD is our income protection program that offers robust LTD benefits from
Ameritas, an A-rated industry leader in income protection – with an exclusive 15% discount for alumni and their immediate family members. And our plans provide individual coverage, meaning you own and keep your policy – even if you change jobs.

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Because one size does not fit all incomes, our program features personalized service that’s essential when shopping for an individual income protection policy.  Program highlights include:

  • Alumni Discount Program with a 15% discount exclusively for our alumni and their immediate family members
  • Student Loan Protection coverage that reimburses for student loan payments — no matter how many you have, or how many institutions they’re with. This can be particularly valuable early on in your career.
  • Flexible Plans tailored for medical, dental, and business professionals, attorneys, and business owners
  • Special Limits and Benefits packages for medical students and those in residency or fellowships

What should I look for in a policy?

You’ll want the strongest base policy you can get. From there you can add only those benefits that are important to you. Most importantly, you’ll want coverage that is non-cancellable and premiums that are guaranteed renewable, meaning that if your premiums are paid on time, your policy can not be cancelled, premiums cannot be increased, and policy provisions cannot be changed.

What if I already have coverage through my employer?

Although you may have a group disability plan through work, these plans provide only a basic level of protection. Benefits and coverage requirements may not fully meet your needs. Most importantly, these plans can be changed or cancelled altogether. Alum LTD provides individual income protection that you own and keep – even if you change jobs.

Are there options for those with student loans?

The effects of a disability early in your career- when student loan balances are at their highest – could be devastating. Coverage for loans is available.

I’m just starting out. How can I protect my growing income?

Even if you haven’t hit your peak earnings yet, you can secure the opportunity to increase protection as your income grows – with no additional medical tests. It’s a great way to ensure that you can protect your income, regardless of any changes in your health.

Does the insurance company matter?

You’re protecting not only your present needs, but also your future, so it’s important to choose a company that will be there when you need it. Our plans are underwritten and issued by Ameritas, an A-rated industry leader.


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