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  1. Tell us you’re interested. You simply provide some basic information.
  2. Match with a local expert. We’ll connect you with a qualified broker in your area who will help you land the home of your dreams – and perhaps even sell the home you’re leaving.
  3. Receive your rebate check. 21 days on average from the time of closing – you’ll receive your rebate check.  It’s a real check, not a gift card or a store credit that expires, but a check you can cash.

The Real Estate Benefits Program simplifies the process. Read more in Highlights below to learn more.

*Several states restrict real estate commission rebates: Alabama, Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Tennessee.  However, a real estate commission reduction may still be available through this program in some of these states. Those states not listed here do permit real estate commission rebates to both buyers and sellers as provided through this program. (Last updated April 28, 2020).

The larger the transaction, the larger the rebate, and there are no limits!

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*Rebates are based on a 3% transaction side commission and may vary
  • A network of hand-selected agents from brand name brokers in your area
  • 20% cash rebate on the agent’s commission
  • One-on-one home purchase counseling
  • Contract negotiation assistance
  • Buyer agency representation
  • Inspection assistance
  • Contract-to-closing administrative support
  • Post-closing administration
  • Professional marketing services

What if I buy and sell through the Real Estate Benefits Program?

If you buy and sell through the program, the rebate is paid on both the sale and purchase.

Is there a minimum purchase or sale price to receive a rebate?

The minimum sale price is $150,000 to be eligible for a rebate. However, if you are purchasing or selling a property that is less than the minimum, the referral program is still available to you.

Is there a limit to the number of properties I can buy or sell using this service?

There is no limit. This service is not just for homes, as assistance and rebates are available for any property bought or sold through the program.

Can commercial real estate transactions be handled through the program?

Yes, commercial sales, purchases, and leases are all eligible.

Are family members eligible?

All family members are eligible to take advantage of this program…friends, neighbors, and colleagues too!

Relocal Move is a full service Real Estate company that brings corporate relocation-like benefits to home and commercial buyers and sellers throughout the United States. Their entire team of Customer Success representatives are licensed Realtors with decades of relocation experience.  Relocal is committed to providing the most trustworthy Realtors and the most generous rebates.


If you need a quote or an application or simply have questions, call 800-635-7801, or email Trained customer service representatives will be happy to provide the information you need. And naturally you’ll be under no obligation.